The Game

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Voyage to the north!

Nordlicht is an adventure-game for your tablet, PC or Mac, in which you accompany an unusual family on its fascinating journey to the cold north.



You control the curious Aurora, her best friend Peter Silie, who never leaves her side and her clever dad Rupert. 

On their way, they encounter mysterious Starsigns of the polar night, have to overcome nature's dangers and confront their fears.


The intuitive gesture-based controls, the atmospheric music and the hand-drawn Graphics transform Nordlicht into an experience, not only for kids.


Point & Click-Puzzles


Nordlicht's gameplay alternates between two kinds. In classic Point & Click levels the players solve the world's mysteries, by cleverly combining items and figuring out how to utilize them.
Faster paced action sequences, loosen up the gameplay but also demand a lot of skill to safely bring the family to its destination.

The family


Already before she learned to read, she was a talented treasure hunter and sludge cake baker. With her seven years she already has everything under control and takes good care of her father.


Rupert's occupation is fatherhood and writing. Some deem him chaotic or even crazy. But in reality he's nothing less than brilliant!

Peter Silie


Peter and Aurora are very best friends. This intellectual guinea pig is a crucial part of the family (although nobody understands him as well as Aurora does).